A Baby’s Trip Over the Mountains and Down the Valley

My Mom and Dad are being a little boring again lately, so I’m trying to get everyone motivated to go do something! I watch the birds outside the window where the snow is falling fast. I’m so glad Dad built a fire last night even though he did cheat and use a chimney starter with charcoal to get the fire started, but he was tired and I didn’t tell Mommy. My thumb is good this morning and my blanket is warm so I start to plan our day.

As I’ve said before, Dad will do nearly anything for a really good cheeseburger, and I’m feeling like an adventure to boot. Daddy’s truck is fun to drive ’cause he can do things like put wood in it, haul dirt for me to eat and haul lots of rocks. Plus, he lets me drive when we go to the Palisades sometimes on Sundays to listen to music, but last time Mommy put her foot down. I don’t know what she put her foot down on, but boy she was mad! I felt bad for Daddy, he’s just trying to let me do big boy stuff, but like Mom says, the car seat is safer!

I listen to them talking about picking up bison from a supplier in Paint Bank, VA for the restaurant Daddy works for. I like the kitchen. It’s big, and shiny and there are lots of things to play with. So, with my usual persuasion, I talk them into visiting the Swinging Bridge Restaurant!

First I have to post this picture of me in a pot.


This was a month ago and I’m a lot bigger now and I won’t fit in the pot but it would be nice! I do a bit of research so I can tell them where to go:


Then I remember that Daddy is a legend in his own mind or something like that and knows every back road and four wheel drive trail in Southwester Virginia, so I don’t bother with telling him directions. He packs up the truck with my car seat, bag of goodies, some toys for me and tea for Mommy. I don’t like the tea very much, but I do like juice!!

The drive to Paint Bank is gorgeous. It’s snowing so hard that we can barely see out the windows and Mommy can’t take any pictures without ruining her camera. I forgot my point and shoot, but everything was so gorgeous! Just imagine it!

We get some grubbage at the Swinging Bridge Restaurant:




I try to start a fire but I get distracted with the Lincoln Logs. The food was ok, but the décor was awesome! There were all sorts of stuff to look at and we buy lots of candy for Easter. Dad meets the supplier for bison and we’re on our way back across the mountain in the snow! Just when Mommy and I are thinking Daddy might really be lost, we see Mountain Lake Lodge through the snow!


Dad packs away all the bison and talks with his boss, CHEF and we head for home. Full of hot chocolate and tired from all the instructions I had to give Daddy for driving in the snow, I go to sleep. I wonder what we’ll do tomorrow???

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