A Baby’s Opinion of Charlottesville

Just so every one knows, I was born in Roanoke and have spent most of my life when I’m not traveling in the New River Valley near Virginia Tech. So my parents, diehard Hokie fans, were more than a little surprised when I insisted that we go to Charlottesville, VA for a couple of days. I was getting irritated with Mom and Dad – normally I get to go everywhere all the time but the weather has been nasty and cold and there’s all this white stuff outside that’s called “snow.” I don’t know if you guys have seen it, but so far I’m not a huge fan. Sliding up and down a hill in a box isn’t a whole lot of fun with this snow stuff in your face. Mommy’s car has been buried for a long time now and here’s what I think of snow:



So, I drug out my laptop, phone and some travel and food books one morning and more accurately assessed our situation. I wanted to go somewhere warm, like Florida or Costa Rica or Mexico…but overhearing my parents talk about this thing called “Money,” which I don’t have, I decided to keep us local.IMG_0269

Of course, research is long, hot, dirty work, especially when your parents keep you caged in the kitchen! It is my favorite room, as Mom and Dad are always in there and that’s where all the food is, but, I can climb stairs, run and help with the fire! I have to get a drink of OJ to clear my head.


Man, I like OJ. The only thing better are kiwis, or maybe chocolate milk. I’m going to have a talk with Dad – he has a great recipe for hot chocolate from my Aunt Vickie that I really like, but he hardly ever makes it. I check to make sure that Hooville has plenty of bakeries and little shops and they do! I also research some other restaurants and route and I know my Mom likes to visit wineries, so I leave my computer open and books out while I take a nap. I may not be able to talk yet, but I can communicate! Throwing things helps too.


So, we set sail. I have a new carseat so I can help better with driving and Mom consults this thing that Dad scornfully calls a “Dumb Phone.” I don’t know what he means by that, I think the phone is pretty smart, so I call it “SmartPhone.” He fusses but she gets directions and all the restaurant reviews I’ve sent her immediately.



Mom and Dad look and look for the restaurant in Lexington, VA but they can’t find it. I tell them it’s in the YMCA building, but they won’t listen to me so I drink some juice and yell directions at them. I even tried throwing some of my organic cheddar bunnies at them and they still don’t get it. Wait, Parents! We’re driving right by it…Arrrg. We finally found it and Dad was so happy.


Dad orders a Sweet Potato and Bean cheeseburger and Mom get’s the chef’s take on a Cuban Sandwich, except it’s in a burrito!


Dad was thrilled with the changing menu and food options that were already prepped and ready in the chiller. He kept saying things and Mom kept telling him it would be my first word, but I know better than to say that word. Dad told me to wait until I was with Nana to say it. I don’t know why.



For dinner we went to some place called Whiskey Jar and they were supposed to have music but they didn’t play until after my bedtime. Man, I wanted to dance! Their burgers were good and the potato biscuits and hush puppies were AWESOME!! They also had lots of something called whisky, which apparently my parents used to like but don’t anymore since I’ve been born. Another question to ask them later.



After dinner we walk around but it is COLD! We get some free muffins and a cookie. I remind Dad why we shouldn’t have gotten this hotel the next morning, and then we split for some better food. Pancakes for me and Dad, Salsa Verde breakfast from The Bluegrass Trail and then we swung by Pippin Hill Vineyard for an AMAZING Lunch. I told Mom and Dad we would love this place. There was lots of room for me to run around, nice people to talk to and lots of stuff to put in the floor where it belongs. Whew. It’s hard to be a writer and a baby, so it’s off to bed with me!!! Some nice warm milk, and I’m going to dream of free muffins. Yummmm.

IMG_0233 IMG_0236

IMG_0252 IMG_0255 IMG_0257 IMG_0258 IMG_0259

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