A Baby’s Take on Abby’s Bar and Grill, Blacksburg, VA

I wasn’t feeling particularly motivated today to do much of anything besides apply for teaching positions and work on essays. The rain and cold had me a bit down in the dumps and Laura was feeling much the same. She has somehow managed to catch up on her work and the desolate weather has her trapped in front of the T.V. So, today, I’ve turned my restaurant review over to my four month old son, Nolan. I must say he’s pretty good at it.

“My mom and dad apparently didn’t want to do anything today but sit in front of their computers, Dad surrounded by a mess of papers, old books and a toy helicopter. Mommy was bored since I slept most of the night and didn’t give her anything to do. I tried yelling for her around four a.m. since I knew she missed me but Dad came instead. Bother. I pretended to go back to sleep pretty quick just in case he nodded off in the rocking chair and dumped me out in the floor. He didn’t dump me out in the floor; instead he sang silly songs to me while I sucked my thumb and kept my eyes shut. My little ruse must have worked, because the next thing that I knew it was morning!

I love mornings, even when it’s raining. This morning I was asleep in all my stuffed animals when Mommy woke me up to ask what we should do. ‘Your Dad has been writing all morning and we need to take him out to eat,’ she said. I knew we were going to the Underground again, since we all love that place, but I wanted to try something different. So, to get her attention, I spit up. This worked and I got a bath, which I love and I got to whisper ‘Abby’s’ in Dad’s ear.


So, with the rain pouring down, we made the short drive to Abby’s Bar and Grill in Blacksburg. I was a bit cross as I couldn’t take a whole nap in the little time I had in my car seat. It’s tough getting your parents to do what you want, especially when you’re only four months old! It’s a good thing Mom was driving – in the rain and fog Dad drives too fast, in my opinion. I try to tell him so, but I can only yell so loud from the back of his old truck. Mom’s car is much more comfortable.

Abby’s proves to be what I like, a little dark, with lots of lights, license plates and stuff hanging around for me to look at. The waitress tells me I’m cute, which I also like, but then says I’m like being handed a million dollars, or a bomb. I don’t really understand.


There are obvious regulars, who appreciate my attempts to get my entire hand in my mouth, a talent I am quite proud of and show off whenever I can. It’s a bit of a Dive Bar, so Dad orders a Cheeseburger. He always says the mark of a good bar is their burger and by the way he scarfs it down I’d say it’s pretty good. Mom loves steak sandwiches, and while she can’t finish all hers I can tell she likes it too. The regulars order the special, which is a big giant plate of turkey, potatoes, green beans and gravy with a roll. Man, that looks good. I can tell Dad wishes he had gotten that instead.


The waitress is quick to hand me compliments and I try to show everyone how happy I am by spitting up all over myself. Mom is worried, but not me. I can tell by how much she ate I’ll have plenty to eat myself in an hour or so! All said and done, I’d say this place is pretty good and I can tell that on a good night, or a day when it isn’t pouring rain, it would be rocking out with customers. We’ll be back!”

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