I haven’t been paying attention to this medium in some time, but this morning I’m to take a few minutes and be thankful for the view outside of my window and for all that is good in my life. The redbuds have bloomed, as have the butterfly bushes, dogwoods, tulip poplars, mayapples, trilliums, the wild lilies and even the daffodils have shown their faces in the soft stillness of this spring. The mountains are turning to green that it is almost painful to look at and I pity those among us who are color blind.

I still have no word on a permanent teaching contract, but I hope that my patience and hard work will be rewarded. There aren’t many of us earth science teachers and you’d think we’d be at a premium. My son, Nolan, is healthy and giggling at his mother this morning, waiting on me to come down and play with him. I’m feeling like a long walk with the dog along the New River and further, up Spruce Run, where I know that later this summer there will be crawfish to boil and enjoy with a few friends, with leftovers to make absolutely delightful sandwiches with. My garden boxes are nearly ready for planting; we just have to make the final call on what we are going to plant. Our little plot of land still enjoys messing with our attempts to grow just anything.

For the first time in a very long time I am healthy, both mentally and physically. I’m nearly fifty pounds down from where I started a couple of months ago and I’m feeling better every day. There are setbacks in moods and attitude, of course, but everyone suffers from mood swings to some degree – they just mustn’t rule our lives or days!

Laura wants a patio built in front of the new entrance to her studio, so I must go attend to the material lists for this project and along the way today I’m going to pester a few principals of schools about possible science teaching positions and I will more than likely prepare some freshly made chorizo on our grill, which will be served with a carrot salad on fresh French bread. Life is good.

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