A New Year

Wow. It’s been months since I have posted here, but I have an excuse. His name is Nolan Gray Matney, and I have never been prouder in my life than to be the father of that little boy. His Mommy is infintely braver than I could ever be, and his birth was something of a miracle. She was in labor forever, but when it came time to give birth, she delivered him with a force of will that can never be doubted. I held her and cried – there was nothing else to do! Then he was here! Alive and crying! We could not be seperated. My wife, Laura, sent me home to rest and clean one day….I slept maybe an hour and then broke every traffic law on the books to get back to the hospital. Our neighbors and friends wrote me to say that they have never seen a Cadillac in a four wheel drift before. I have to say, Laura likes fast cars. Happy New Year Everyone. I’m writing again. How well, I don’t know, but Nolan is a constant companion in my late night endeavors.