New River Grille

I’m a huge fan of the familiar. My wife often comments that I was most likely a dog in a former life, and she may be right. I can think of worse things to have been. Like a Republican. Or a Democrat. Or a Vegetarian. Damn Vegetarians. But she is correct in that I become upset when a fixture of my life, and of the community, is forced to change, for whatever reason. So it was with great sadness that I witnessed the closing of the New River Grille. Steve, Kathy, Mitch and Stephanie Akers, along with so many others who worked and ate there, had become close friends of mine. They consistently served great food, remembered everyone’s name and were always a waystation for me on my trampings about in Giles County. Not to mention their always famous Buffalo Burgers and homemade Onion Rings. Good God.

So, I am glad to mention that they have resurfaced, and from what I can tell, will be doing better than ever at their new location at the Castle Rock Golf Course in Pembroke, VA. Only minutes off U.S. 460, their new location, once finished, will seat 50 plus. Right now, they are limited to a short menu, but let me tell you, the quality of the food is off the charts. Today, I dropped in, sans camera, just to say hello, and was treated to the best blackened shrimp po’boy I’ve had this side of the panhandle of Florida. Chef Mitch complimented it with slaw, freshened with garlic and a side of Old Bay Fries, all perfectly seasoned while Steve and I caught up on local gossip. Locals from other restaurants were laughing and talking on the outside dining area while I was toured through the opening full service restaurant. Right now they are open seven days a week – after the full restaurant opens it’ll be a limited seating, so be sure to check in! You can find them on facebook and at Go. Eat. Tell them hello!

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