Life at Four AM

Life is a funny thing. I have finally learned that you cannot really chart the course of your journey through this crazy thing that we all must go through, but you can pretend. To those of us that pretend to realize the course of our lives, we must exist in a small chasm. To truly experience our lives, we must sometimes let go. We must enjoy the small things, wonder at the natural beauty of the earth around us – and take the moments. For they may be but small, but they are our moments. The mortgages, the houses, the cars – they don’t matter. The sight of your wife chasing your nephew across the yard while your brothers and sisters laugh hysterically at something that only siblings can understand – that is all that matters.

The sound of crickets, oh so lauded in literature, but late at night, when everyone else in their right mind sleeps, is something to remember. The delectable snap of fresh watermelon, straight from the garden, chilled in spring water – heavenly. We lost power for nearly two weeks the first of July, in record scorching temperatures. I found a spring that fed 52 degree water into a delightful arc that was wonderful to bathe in at six a.m.

It’s the little things, really. The joy of talking with your parents on the phone. Thankful that they are still here and doing what they do. The realization of the knowledge that you have brothers that would give their lives for you – and you in return. The trust of a soul mate, sleeping soundly in bed at a moment in which you really should be there too…but life is short, and sometimes, it is worth witnessing. Jupiter just crossed the sky, and I am content to pet the cat, listen to the coyotes and wonder what will the morning bring. Hopefully, more of the same.

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