I admit it. I am a technophobe. I’m terrified of new technology, I just didn’t realize the extent to which I am until lately. I haven’t had a cell phone in nearly two years and the thought of getting a new one makes me a little panicky. Ok, a lot panicky. I recently had to design a web site for a graduate class that I was taking, and I finished it. With an A. And a lot of kicking and screaming and morbid emails to a professor who would not answer them because he texts everything. When did this happen? I know I’m out of the loop, and I’m fine with that, and a little proud of it, to be honest, but what’s up with texting? I can’t get in touch with anyone anymore because they don’t answer their phones! They say, “Oh, didn’t you get my text?” in perfect amazement when I miss out on the fact that they now have two children. I answer as best I can: NO I DID NOT GET YOUR TEXT!! CALL ME!! I HAVE A HOME PHONE. Then I realize that I am just being weird and stubborn and old fashioned, but damn it, I simply don’t trust cell phones. Anyone could be listening! Seriously, these new phones, they understand what you are saying!! Why is that not weird to anyone but me?? I just yesterday watched in horrified amazement while a colleague asked his phone where a restaurant was. IT KNEW!! Creepy.

I’m still a little freaked out that I have a web site, but I am now so addicted to the feedback that I can’t not post anymore. Granted, I’ve been slack lately, but, to quote my editor, who recently fired me, I’m having too much fun traveling, canning, gardening and being a new dad to do much else. In my defense, I’m not a dad yet. I don’t think that title transfers until the little one arrives kicking and screaming into my world, which will never be the same again. Honestly, I can’t wait. That will be a moment in which my perception of everything will dramatically shift – or at least it should. In the meantime, I am going to go can some peaches, split some hickory, get caught up on my research (sediment profiles at Mountain Lake) and try to plan our next trip. Maybe my editor is on to something!

One comment on “technophobia

  1. Sam Matney says:

    Yeah, Ron, life does shift dramatically when the little one comes into the world! But you will love every nerve-wracked diaper covered moment. Trust me, I’m a dad.

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