My wife, Laura, is one of the most esteemed photographers on the east coast of the United States. I have little doubt that one day, in the near to distant future, that she will be exhalted in books that will bear her logo and sing all honest praises of her dedication, work ethic and eye for those moments that most of us don’t see. I know I constantly amazed by her perseverance for new techniques, attraction for backgrounds and attention to her clients wants and needs.

Me? Not so much. I have been spoiled to no end by having her as my photograher for all my blog stories. I was just recently booted as a client – She no longer has time to follow me around while I make up my mind as to what needs to be captured via digital media. We are complimenting souls, in our respective gifts, as small as they may be, but hers pay the bills. So, she gave me her old camera, bought me new batteries, a charger and a digital downloader for pictures. As soon as they are delivered, (on our new and improved driveway!!!) I will begin a new era, in which I will take most of my own pictures. I apologize in advance, but I am excited, and Laura is a bit relieved. Don’t worry – if you see an increase in quality, it is because Laura is a bit more involved than normal. Wish me the best, and I’ll try to get back on top of posting!

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