The Palisades Brunch

We slept in this morning, for the first time in probably years. Normally the summer finds us both up at six or so, neither of us can sleep past sunrise. Which gets a little scetchy in the winter, what with the sun not coming up until the middle of the day, it seems. But it’s not winter, it’s June, and I love it. My garden boxes are out of control – I’m drooling in anticipation of tomatoes. I’ve planted five different colored varieties so I’m crossing my fingers that the blight doesn’t get them like last year.

Feeling adventerous, Laura and I ventured the three miles to one of our favorite restaurants, The Palisades, in Eggleston, Virginia. I LOVE gravy and biscuits and Chef/Owner Shaena Muldoon and Chef Ashton put together the best brunch on the east coast. Sweet potato bisucuits, yeast biscuits, sausage gravy, local sausage and bacon, Eggs Benedict, potato cakes, pancakes, fresh strawberries, chicken wings – it was truly a feast. Washed down with freshly brewed sweet tea, fresh coffee, a complimentary Mimosa and juices – this is an amazing meal. Maybe I was hungry, but it seemed better than usual.

Shaena greeted us at the door, as usual and I chatted briefly with the Chef about a pair of heritage breed pigs that he just bought. He is passionate about local, sustainable food sources, and we compare notes on our gardens. Whenever I complain about not having time to work in my gardens, I compare myself guiltily to Chef Ashton. He works seven days a week and still maintains his garden impeccably.

After stuffing my face with way too much food, we head home for an easy day of rest and digesting. Maybe I’ll get around to the garden, but there are too many vampire movies on T.V. But get yourself over to The Palisades asap. Regardless of the state of the vampire nation. You’ll thank me for it, I guarantee it.

2 comments on “The Palisades Brunch

  1. Chelsa says:

    What a great day! We too slept in (though for me that’s an everyday habit!), and I made breakfast for lunch–eggs from Weathertop Farm here in my community, and sausage (our friend raised hogs last year, and gave us some sausage! My last pack from the freeze sadly) gravy and biscuits!
    I checked on the garden too, but a storm is coming so I pulled a few weeds from around a tomato plant then headed back inside.

    I am desperate to get to the Palisades.. And this post made me even more anxious!

    Hope you and Laura have an equally lovely evening to compliment the rest of your day 🙂

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