Brainless chicken??

I don’t have time to post much – which is a shame since I do have a lot to write about! The Chef’s tour was a resounding success with a packed house both nights. Laura’s Focus will be posting a blog faster than I will with great pictures in a day or so. In the meantime, I found this disturbing post on chicken experimentation. Now, the question is, would it be more humane to treat the chickens like a vegetable, raising them in this manner? I know I can barely stomach eating chicken from the supermarket anyway after having seen how these little guys are raised. Despite their poor reputation in critical thinking, they do think. Anyone who has been around a happy flock of chickens will attest to that. I vote for humanely raising them, but then the argument becomes, it costs more. In my opinion, so be it. I pay more for my chicken anyway. What if I was too poor? What then?

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