Stubbs and Mojitos

I hope everyone following this blog and checking it out is having a wonderful spring. I know I’m enjoying it very much. I’m looking forward to the Chef’s Tour at the Palisades tonight! It’s become a yearly event for the family and I – I can’t wait to see what the Chef’s have planned! Laura photographed it last night but I would not let her tell me about it. I’d like for it to be a suprise!

I’m off to Lowe’s for some Stubb’s Charcoal, wood for raised garden boxes and potting soil. I should be working on my thesis this morning, but I’m citing a lack of motivation. I’ll pay for this next week.

Speaking of which – my posts will be very light until April 9th. That’s when the first chapter of my scholastic paper is due. I’m working on the affects of reservation life on Native American adolescents and what potential effects that has on their success in school. Great topic, but I feel I am a bit over my head.

So, enjoy the weather, get out, tell your friends hello and make a Mojito!

What you will need:

White Rum, FRESH Mint, Cane Sugar, Lime, Fresca.

I know, I know. Most of you are gasping. What? FRESCA? Fresca is wildly popular in Costa Rica and was the main mixer in Mojitos in Santa Theresa, a small town I spent some time in a few years ago. The bartenders were kind enough to allow me behind the bar and teach me how to make this popular drink.

What to do:

Put about a teaspoon of the sugar along with the juice of half a lime and a half-handfull of mint in a tall glass. Muddle well with a wooden muddler (yes, this is a word). Don’t use one of those plastic atrocities that you can find attached to bottles of rum in the spring. Just don’t. The purpose to the muddling is to release the fragrance and oils from the mint – not to shred it. Just bruise it well until the juice begins to turn green. We use chocolate mint in ours here at home, mint will grow rampantly if you plant it in your yard. Add about a ounce and a half of rum and stir well, lifting the leaves off the bottom of the glass. Fill with ice cubes and top off with Fresca! Enjoy! Be careful: You can drink way too many of these!

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