Chickens and Buckets

It’s a very small world. I started a new job at Radford University a few weeks ago in an attempt to help pay for my new career path. It’s not bad, as jobs go. I’ve learned after many years of working that the most important key to success with any job is to get along with your boss and your key to enjoying your job is to have entertaining co-workers.

I do. It turns out that my office partner on Tuesdays actually grew up within a few minutes of where I did. Introductions were funny – I asked her where she was from and she said, “You’ve never heard of it.” I caught a distinct soft drawl on the ea in heard and grinned to myself. “Try me.” “Have you heard of Grundy?” I started laughing…”I grew up in Oakwood.” She stared at me for a moment, then said, “Get out.”

It turns out that my first cousin is her Godfather. It’s a small, small world. We spent most of the afternoon playing the Do you know? game. Turns out that despite our age difference we did indeed know a lot of the same people, even though many of them have since moved away, been blown up in coal mining accidents or died from black lung. I guess I should consider myself lucky in some respects.

This afternoon we were relatively slow at work and so fell into story telling. I told her how much I wanted to buy chickens this year, which likely isn’t going to happen with work, school and construction and she shared the following story:

“When I was little, a friend of mine lived on a farm along with chickens, goats, pigs and other farm animals. During chicken killing time, my friends job was to cover the chicken with a bucket after her dad cut it’s head off to prevent it from running off. Well, one day, she missed. The headless chicken proceeded to chase my friend all over the yard as she screamed, ‘Get it off me, get it off me.” I laughed so hard I almost peed myself.”

That story was much funnier in person than it is in print, but it serves to illustrate that, if you’re in charge of the bucket, you’d better be quick on the draw.

One comment on “Chickens and Buckets

  1. Jenaya says:

    Heck yeah bae-ybe keep them coming!

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