Brewin Around

It has been a delightful week. Spring has sprung, despite my prediction that old man winter was just teasing us. Robins are in my yard and I watched a blue jay gather twigs for a nest in the hopes of attracting a mate. I haven’t seen any fawns yet, which is a little sad and a good indication of just how much damage that the coyotes did, but I have my hopes up. I have a ton of yard work to do, along with a thesis, school and work, but I’m still having a great spring. The Bank in Pearisburg is having their grand re-opening party this weekend, The Palisades in Eggleston is hosting the Chef’s Tour for the third year in a row and I just bought all three of the Hunger Games books. Shhh. Don’t tell me anything. I want to be suprised.

Despite the beautiful day, I’m actually happy about going to work. I do enjoy my job, but I would normally be more excited to work in my garden boxes than go sit in front of a computer in a windowless office. But I have made a discovery! Brewin’ Around, a new coffee shop in Radford has just opened up in the new construction adjacent to Tyler Avenue just up from B.T.’s. Their coffee is excellent and their paninis are absolutely delicious. You can go in for lunch, grab an iced tea and a sandwich for less than ten bucks, enjoy your meal and be back out the door in less than twenty minutes. Not that you would want to – the decor is comfortable, the place is clean, well furnished and thoughtfully arranged. Take a look at their facebook page and get yourself over there!

One comment on “Brewin Around

  1. Mike Mercker says:

    Ron, thanks for saying some nice things about Brewin’ Around. Here is a link to their urban spoon page. Would you like to post your blog review to their page?

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