I haved become increasingly irritated at the proliferation of recipes within our increasingly sensationalized so called “foodie” culture. Everyone who wants to be anyone within our subculture is either writing, trying to write or ghost writing a cookbook. There are magazines devoted to recipes, web sites such as Foodnetwork that are completely saturated with recipes. Has anyone cooked from these lately? I have. Many of them are wrong. My rant this morning, a morning so beautiful that I should be in a wonderful mood, if not for the six eggs, three cups of milk and 3/4 of a cup of maple syrup that I wasted on a so-called french toast bake, is that before ANYONE posts a recipe it should be proofed. Twice. And served to friends for their feedback. I am a cook and I am constantly stumped by some of the so-called recipes that are floating through our atmosphere. Can you imagine what it would do to a beginners confidence, someone newly inspired into their kitchen by a cooking show to have their first three recipes flop miserably? They would blame themselves and quit cooking.

We have a responsibility, all of us food writers out there, celebrities or not, to the people that read our meanderings. If you write a recipe, make sure it is right. Think of the person who may be reading it – put yourself in their shoes. Think about how altitudes, or ingredients, may change the recipe. Suggest alternatives. Do your job, Giada.

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