Sheepshead In Seawater

Last week was a huge deal at Indigo Farms Seafood for me. They had fresh Sheepshead! If you haven’t had this fish, you should really try it. It’s similar to cod in consistency and stands up well to nearly any type of cooking, from grilling to ceviche. The feed mostly on lobster, clams, oysters and other delicacies and so have taste very similar to lobster. In honor of the upcoming spring, I fired up the grill, wrapped the fish in eight sheets of newspaper, bound it with butchers twine and soaked it in a sinkful of salty water. If you live near an ocean, then by all means please go get a bucket full. There truly is no subsititute. Soak the fish in the newspaper for three to four minutes, then place on the cold side of the grill for eight to nine minutes, or until the paper is charred, but not on fire! Serve with your favorite side. For this meal, I made risotto with homemade chicken stock and greenhouse yellow tomatoes. Enjoy!

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2 comments on “Sheepshead In Seawater

  1. Jeremy says:

    Is it necessary to also use newspaper that has a picture of a fish on it? Does that impart some sort of extra flavor?

    Love sheepshead – only had it once, but it’s one of the few fish that I actually like, not just can eat.

  2. ramblinron says:

    Great observation, Jeremy! It is absolutely necessary. Try sheepshead cerviche style…it won’t change your life, but it will make an afternoon better.

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