Snowstorms and Fords

So, here we are, back home from Philadelphia, exhausted, and, in my case, unable to sleep. We left at eleven, hoping to make it the kennel by five to pick up Axl, but there was this little thing like a blizzard that interrupted our travel plans. We had also planned to hit one more restaurant for our blog about our travels to PA…that didn’t happen.

I’m so glad I ignored my normal impulse to not eat what I cook when all things healthy are obliterated for taste. My omelets are not healthy. Not by anyones standards. Not even Paula Deen. (Dean? It’s late, and I’m tired.) This morning, it was sausage from a local (In West Chester) Italian supermarket, along with cheese, homemade Ricotta, sauteed onions, garlic and a marinara to die for. Yeah. We roll that way.

We all ate one, and they were awesome. I thought, “Man, I won’t be hungry enough to finish my blog!” Hah. We hit snow at exit 250 on I-81 and it was four wheel drive all the way. We would drive until an accident blocked traffic, ride the medium until the next exit, then take back roads to the next intersection with I-81. And so it went.

Increasingly irritable, we stopped for fuel somewhere, and all they had for food was nasty stuff, largely unidentifiable, under a heat lamp. Laura pulled our cooler out of the back of the truck and loaded saltines with proscuitto and ricotta cheese and made both of us happy. We four-wheeled down Route 11 to get away from the idiots on I-81 and sang winter wonderland songs.

We picked up our dog in the Catawba Valley from his kennel and, still in four wheel drive, made our way over the mountains in to Blacksburg, VA. We powerslid down a hill in four low and crawled through the snow, ever closer to home. To be stopped by a bamboo forest.

I’m not kidding. About a half mile from our house is an impressive stand of bamboo. Which was currently plastered to the road by the weight of the snow. I gauged the alternatives and nosed my way in.

We made it. Tired, exhausted, irritable and cold; we made it home. To a cold, dark house – the power was out. We didn’t care. We built a fire, lit some candles, ate some Foe Grais (Hey, it’s my cooler) and flopped into bed. At least, Laura did. Here I sit, writing this blog. As an ode to my Ford F-150 – Dude: You have brought me home once again. Through snow and storms, hurricanes and fog, sand and dust – you I can depend on. Now…I’m going to bed. After I stoke the fire. And feed the cat.

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