Winter Blues

Sorry for not posting this week, but I think most of you will understand. My ability to type is severely limited by the burns from Monday. I didn’t realize how badly I was actually burned for a couple of days. I won’t have to get skin grafts or anything like that, but I am not going to heal overnight, either. Normally, I heal very quickly, but this is going to take a while.

Enough whining. Today, I’m really going to just ramble. We hosted a local chef Wednesday night and for the first time during our time together, I was relegated to the sidelines in the kitchen. Laura forbade me from doing anything other than tasting the wine and watching her cook, which drove me a little crazy. I’m used to being in the center of the action, but I must say that the wine tasting was rather pleasant.

I want to give a big shout out to Vintage Cellar in Blacksburg. These guys have an AMAZING selection of wine, beer, sake and cider. They also have a great selection of cheese and fresh bread delivered every Thursday. I would recommend getting there early Friday morning for the bread, it’s gone pretty quick. They have free beer tastings on Fridays and wine tastings on Saturdays. Be sure to bring your ID – this is a college town and they have to be strict.

The Rabbit Ragu recipe is coming next, along with a couple of local restaurant reviews and canning recipes. The winter blues are easy to succumb to this time of year, so stay active and out! The Blacksburg Farmers Market is open every Saturday and the mild weather is allowing local greenhouses to keep growing produce, so get out and get some! Make a salad and pretend its spring. Build a giant fire in your fireplace if you have one.

It’s Prime Rib Day at The Underground today! Go enjoy yourself; I’ll be there for sure. The Palisades Restaurant is hosting live music this Sunday along with the Chef’s Whim of the Day and Pizza of the Day. Go. Do. Enjoy.

One comment on “Winter Blues

  1. Jessica Helton says:

    Im so sorry your burns are so bad Ron. I hope Laura lets you back in the kitchen soon. I’m sure your burns are still very sensitive to heat though. Let me know if you need anything. Maybe some large rubber cloves to have on hand for the next flambe.

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