Sourdough Starter

The “Mommy Carol” Sourdough starter is proving to be more difficult than I thought. It’s been one week and Hank has been disturbingly quiet. I uncorked him and took a sniff. I nearly threw up. He’s dead. I killed Hank. A quick call to my sister Sarah in Austin, Texas (She’s the real foodie – she’s worked in restaurants in every capacity since she legally could) revealed that I may have used the wrong potato starch. Back to the phone with Mom later today for more information.

I did learn that the original starter that my Mom developed nearly 40 years ago, Herman, died from a chlorine contamination. The local municipality where my parents live ran a new water line to all the rural homes and the poor guy was used to well water. We have a well – so maybe Hank will ultimately live and make bread. We will see…

3 comments on “Sourdough Starter

  1. Amy says:

    Ron, LOL!!! I have two sourdough starters I created named Norbert and Blue. They make quite tasty bread, rolls, and peperroni rolls. I could send you a starter off of one of mine if you would like one already alive! but you must remember to feed him πŸ™‚

  2. ramblinron says:

    Thank you Amy! Send me a starter and I’ll try it out and write about it. I will remember to feed him and I will continue to work on my Mom’s. I would never kill Norbert or Blue. Send me directions too!

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