Jamie Oliver

It’s early and it’s my first week back to grad school. As usual, I’m more than a little freaked out by the magnitude of what I have done but my confidence in my ability to do this is intact after last semester. I don’t have much to post in the way of food (which isn’t exactly true, I owe all of you my carrot cake jam recipe and I made some killer fried chicken Sunday night) because I have been writing a lot of fiction lately. I’ll post some of that and see what you think.

I’m neither a celebrity or a chef, so I have no right to judge anyone who is either or both. I have noticed lately that the attitude of a lot of our so called celebrity chef’s has been borderline, for lack of a better term at 4:00 am, arrogant. The teetering precipice of stardom is bound to take it’s toll on even the most humble of souls, but it seems to me that the celebrity chef gig is out of control. If you don’t agree with me, go see Paula Dean in person. Once again, who I am I to judge? I am thankful that these chefs and celebrities have promoted food and have bettered our way of eating.

One such chef that I have begrudgingly came to admire is Jamie Oliver. I never liked him and I still find his shows irritating. Maybe I’m just jealous – I want an outdoor kitchen and cool old style ovens! But I watched his show last night on BBC, Jamie’s American Roadtrip, and I liked it. There was a note of honesty, humility and compassion on that show that is utterly lacking in any other food/travel shows. I was given his cookbook a few months ago and have largely disdained to open it, but I did during the show. It’s great. I’ll cook my way through some recipes and share them with you. I have to say….I like the guy. http://www.jamieoliver.com.

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